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Complete Round aka Dexagon Waterbed 1-800-420-2337

We offer a complete 8' round waterbed. You have your choice of vinyl colors, as well as your choice of waterbed mattresses, including the free flow water bed mattress, also known as the full motion water bed mattress, as well as semi-waveless (60%), waveless (85%), and super waveless (98%)  waterbed mattresses.  Fiber layers are used instead of the old baffle system to restrict the water's motion in our wave reduced water bed mattresses. NOTE: This bed does require assembly and you do need to go to your local lumber yard and purchase the deck boards.

Complete Round aka Dexagon Waterbed Includes:

  • A dexagon shaped upholstered frame in a soft vinyl which requires the 8 foot round mattress.

  • The headboard and frame are heavily padded and pleated giving the bed a look of comfort and softness.

  • Vinyl choices include: Black, Brown, and White.

  • Uses an 8 foot round mattress.

  • Riser is upholstered to match the frame.

  • The headboard mounts to the frame.

  • Lead time is three weeks.

  • Package includes: Frame, Headboard, Deck Board Pattern, Riser, Mattress, 6 mil Liner, Quantum Guardian High Watt Heater, Fill and Drain Kit, One Year Supply of Multi-purpose chemical, Assembly Instructions.

  • Must call to order -- Dial 1-800-420-2337between 8:00 a.m.  - 10:00 p.m. EST, 7 days a week.

  • Package Price with a Full Motion Mattress is $1599.95.

  • Package Price with a 60% Wave Reduced Mattress is $1719.95.

  • Package Price with a 85% Wave Reduced Mattress is $1799.95.

  • Package Price with a 98% Wave Reduced Mattress is $1899.95.

  • Add $20.00 if you wish to upgrade from the Quantum Guardian High Watt Heater to the Digital Guardian High Watt Heater.

  • Add $70.00 if you wish to upgrade from the 6 mil liner to a 20 mil liner.

Vinyl Colors

Our web catalog travels through a number of electronic media before you are able to view the results.  While we have tried to come as close as possible to the actual color with our color chart, we cannot guarantee an exact color match.

ebony vinyl
Black Vinyl

brown vinyl
Dark Brown Vinyl

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 NOTE: We offer a full line of round bedding including sheets, mattress pads and comforters.

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