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Softside Waterbed Replacement Bladders

Softside replacement bladders are made to specific measurements provided by following our measuring guide below, to insure you are ordering the correct size replacement water bladder to fit your existing soft side waterbed cavity.

Our manufacture will make your choice of a single bladder, dual, or bladder to the specific measurements you provide. Manufacturing time is 1 - 2 business days, before replacement bladders are shipped direct to you. Manufacturing takes place Monday - Thursday.

Softside replacement bladders are a 22 mil vinyl and come with a 20 year - pro-rated manufacturers warranty. The warranty covers both seam leaks and filler valve leaks, warranty does not cover accidental punctures.

To help us assist you with your soft side replacement bladder order and inquires, we will need to know the depth of your soft side cavity, are you looking to replace either single bladder, dual bladder, or a bladder and how much wave reduction you would like. Looking for a more custom feel? You can order two duals in your choice of wave reduction. Not sure how much wave reduction you have? You may be able to find this by looking at the hang tag located near the filler valve on your water mattress.

Wave reduction choices include:
Full Motion (no wave reduction)
Semi Waveless (some wave reduction with movement)
Waveless (wave reduction with some movement)
Ultra Waveless (little to no movement)

Be sure to have complete measurements, from our measuring guide, before calling, as we will need these measurements to complete your order over the phone.

Single or Dual Bladder
Dimensions Needed

(see Tubes if your bed has tubes)

  • A: Length of cavity at top (inside foam perimeter, not complete bed length)

  • B: Width of cavity at top (inside foam perimeter, not complete bed width)

  • C: Length of cavity at bottom
    (not necessary for straight walled cavity)

  • D: Width of cavity at bottom
    (not necessary for straight walled cavity)

  • E: Vertical depth of cavity

  • F: Length of slope
    (not necessary for straight walled cavity)


Softside Safety Liner Measuring Guide
Please call to place your order over the phone
Softside Safety Liners $90.00
Safety Liners made within 1 - 2 Business days.

  • A: Height of outside edge of cavity

  • B: Width of sitting edge

  • C: Length of slope (inside cavity depth for straight walled cavity)

  • D 1: Width at bottom of cavity

  • D 2: Length at bottom of cavity




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