What is a Baffle?

How do I Straighten a Bunched Baffle Insert?

    It is a good idea to have more than one person to work this out due to the size of the mattress.
  1. Mattress must be drained with an electrical pump down to a weight of 50 lb. or less.
  2. Remove cap and insert (this will allow air into the mattress) or add air with use of shop vacuum.
  3. Begin at either the head or foot of the mattress, wherever the bulk of baffle has shifted.
  4. Grab baffle and vinyl at the same time, pick up as high as possible and shake mattress. (Gravity will begin to pull the baffle down).
  5. Follow the same procedure for all other sides (grab fiber & vinyl, pick up and shake).
  6. Fiber should feel totally flat before filling.
    NOTE: The key to straightening baffles successfully is to have mattress drained thoroughly.
    (Approximate weights 30 - 40 lb.)