What is a Temperature Control System?

A Temperature Control System is a device which controls the temperature of a hardside waterbed or a softside waterbed. The temperature system includes a vinyl or rubber heating pad that goes underneath the waterbed mattress and safety liner and a control unit that allows the owner the ability to adjust the temperature of the bed.

How long does it take the Temperature Control Unit to warm up the waterbed?

We recommend that you allow 24 to 48 hours for the bed to become heated. You may also want to place additional blankets/bedding on the top of the bed to help retain this heat during the initial warming process, and then make sure the bed is kept covered.

What temperature should I set the Temperature Control Unit on?

Set the Temperature Control Unit at 85 degrees to begin with. When the waterbed is warm, you can adjust the heat up or down by a couple of degrees at a time until it has reached the desired comfort level.

Where should I place the heater pad?

Please be certain the heating pad is placed under the liner and the mattress when setting up the waterbed. Do not place anything on top of the heating pad other than the liner and mattress at any time. Refer to the installation instructions for placement of the heating pad on the frame of the bed.

Where is the model number located for the warranty card?

The model number is located on the back of the controller.

Why is the light on the waterbed heater flickering?

Once the Eclipse Solid State heaters have reached the desired temperature, the Temperature Control Unit goes into a reduced energy stand by mode. There will be a steady blinking of this light when in the stand by mode. If you do not have an Eclipse Solid State heater, the light may be going bad. This will in no way effect the operation of the heater and is not a sign of other problems, but is similar to a light bulb in a lamp burning out - the lamp still works properly.

The waterbed heater heats all the time or too much.

Make sure the Temperature Control Unit control is not turned up too high. Make sure the sensor is in the correct place under the mattress and liner. (If the sensor is not under the mattress, the Temperature Control Unit will heat all the time.) 

The waterbed heater does not heat enough.

Make sure the Temperature Control Unit control is turned up. Make sure the sensor is in the right place. If the sensor is too close to the heating pad it will not heat enough.

What is the Electromagnetic Field rating of this waterbed heater?

Almost zero. Please Email The Waterbed Doctor or call (800) 877-5337 to request a brochure on "EMF…FACTS".