What types of leaks are there?

  1. Seam leaks
  2. Cuts & Punctures

How do I locate a leak?

    If the mattress is not drained:
  1. Absorb any water in the cavity with a large bath towel.
  2. Place paper towels around the suspected area, i.e., corners and bottom seam.
  3. Lay on the bed 2 to 3 minutes to apply pressure.
  4. Check the paper towel for location of the leak.
  5. Circle the leak with a magic marker.
  6. If the leak is in the seam, contact the retail store where you purchased the mattress. If they are unable to assist you, Email The Waterbed Doctor or call 800-877-5337. See the warranty manual for instructions.
  7. If the leak is not in the seam, and is a small cut or pinhole, a patch or a drop of glue will repair the leak.
    If the mattress is drained:
  1. Blow the mattress up with air using a shop vac or vacuum that reverses air. Add enough air that the mattress is double in height.
  2. Place weight on the mattress, take a soapy cloth or squirt bottle with dish soap and work around the areas suspected, i.e., seams and corners. Bubbles will appear in the defective area.

How do I Repair a Leak?

  1. It is not necessary to drain the mattress.
  2. Remove the cap & insert to allow a small amount of air into the mattress, then replace the cap & insert.
  3. Push the air bubble up to The defective area. Make sure the area is dry.
  4. Add a drop of glue if the area is small, or use a patch if it is a small cut.
  5. Place vinyl back on water.
  6. Avoid pressure on the mattress for 4 - 5 hours.
  7. Remove air bubble out of the mattress.