What mattress sizes are available?

Hardside Sizes Softside Sizes

What causes Air Bubbles & how do I remove them?

Air Bubbles can be caused by two factors.

1) Bacterial growth produces gas. This happens when the mattress is not reconditioned. Adding a bottle of AquaSafe+ waterbed conditioner will eliminate these bubbles.

2) An air bubble is trapped in between the fiber assembly. To remove, drain the water from the mattress using an electrical pump. This will vacuum pack the mattress squeezing out the air. Refill and add conditioner.

3) The mattress needs to be burped.

a) Mattress without Air Jet Plus: One person lays down on the mattress at the head of the bed and rolls to the foot. As this person is rolling, a second person pulls the fill valve up away from the water so air can escape.

b) Mattress with Air Jet Plus: Follow the procedure in 3a above, except there is no need for a second person to pull the valve away from the water

What can I do about condensation?

Condensation can be attributed to the following:

1) The mattress temperature and room temperature becoming parallel in degrees. It is recommended that the heater temperature be set for at least ten (10) degrees different than the room temperature.

2) Caused by turning off the heater. A heater should never be turned off, unless you are draining your mattress.

3) Moisture around the mattress caused by a leak.

When a mattress does condensate it is vulnerable to mold and mildew. If that occurs, wipe down the liner and mattress with a solution of either vinegar and water, or baking soda and water.

Adding scented drier sheets to the corners of the mattress will sweeten the room until the odor dissipates.

What is the proper way to store my mattress?

(It would not be our recommendation to suggest storing because the chance of bacteria growth.)

What causes a mattress to become dry or brittle?

Here are three (3) reasons why a mattress becomes brittle.

1) The consumer is not using a mattress pad. As stated in the QC tab, in order not to void out the warranty a mattress pad must be used. A mattress pad is needed in order to keep body oils away from the vinyl. Body oils pull out the plasticizer in the vinyl. This causes the vinyl to become dry and brittle.

2) The consumer is not laundering their mattress pad frequently enough (every 2-3 weeks). The mattress pad acts like a cotton ball and absorbs the body oils. Once the pad becomes full of these oils they come in contact with the vinyl and cause it to dry out.

3) The consumer is using Clorox, Armor All, or another harsh household product which contains a petroleum base.

4) Excessive bacteria growth due to the lack of conditioning the mattress.

NOTE: It is recommended that a vinyl cleaner be used every six months to keep the mattress soft and pliable.

What is a free flow mattress?

A free flow mattress or free float mattress is a mattress that contains water but no baffles or inserts.

What is a waveless mattress?

A waveless mattress is a type of mattress that contains fiber to control the water motion.

What is a single mattress vs. a dual mattress?

A single mattress is one mattress only inside the frame cavity. A dual mattress is two individual mattresses inside the frame cavity that provides each partner their "own" comfort level.

How do I replace the Cap and/or Insert?

To find out how to replace the Cap and/or Insert, contact The Waterbed Doctor at 1-800- 877-5337. You can also Email us at info@waterbeddoctor.com