What Causes Odors?

    Odor problems are typically caused from bacterial growth on or inside a mattress. This problem can occur from several factors:
  1. Not adding conditioner prior or immediately upon filling the mattress. Bacteria will begin to grow by the million-spore count in just a few hours.
  2. Using a garden hose from outside can collect bacteria at the very end of the hose, which will flush bacteria into the mattress. If this occurs the conditioner will not be strong enough to fight the growth.
  3. Water with high bacterial and/or mineral content is usually the most recurring problem with smelly mattresses, i.e., well water. It is our recommendation that two bottles of conditioner be added at the time of fill, and conditioner added every four to five months.
  4. Purchasing conditioner from a discount store. This conditioner is recommended for only free float mattresses and not for fiber mattresses. The chemicals in this conditioner are not strong enough to fight the bacteria growth in a baffle mattress.
  5. Not adding a quality conditioner such as AquaSafe+ every six months.
  6. Moisture around the mattress caused by a leak or condensation.
  7. Condensation caused by turning off the heater or lowering the heater temperature below recommendation.

How do I eliminate a smelly odor?

  1. Use a shock treatment (i.e. Blue Magic).
  2. Wipe down outside of mattress & liner with a solution of baking soda and water, or vinegar and water.
  3. Place Bounce dryer sheets or baby powder around corners to neutralize the odor until smell dissipates.