Sheets500 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sheet Sets for Wood Frame Waterbeds
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About our 100% Cotton Sheets... 
Even within cotton itself, there are many differences in grade. Our own domestic cotton is an excellent breed called "pima" cotton. This is a long-staple cotton, and is relatively inexpensive, considering its high quality. The fertile Nile valley which also produces the same breed of Pima Cotton as the United States, calls their more luxuriant textile "Egyptian Cotton" which is woven into the absolute best percales. However, since it must be imported from Egypt, it carries with it a heavy price tag.
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Stay Tight PolesSix Corner Pocket

1. Stay-Tight Poles - Top & Bottom sheets are attached at the foot & include 4 poles.
2. Six-Corner Pocket - Top sheet is separate and has two corner pockets.

500 Thread Count 100% COTTON COLORS

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Light Blue

» 500 Thread Count
Sheet Set 500TC Waterbed
List Price: $229.95
On Sale$196.95

500 Thread Count 100% Cotton Waterbed Sheet Set. TWO SHEET STYLES AVAILABLE: Stay-Tight Poles, Six-Pocket Style.  All styles include 1 pillowcase with super single and 2 pillowcases with other sizes.

Comforter 500 Waterbed
List Price: $419.95
On Sale$369.95

Waterbed Premium 500 Thread Count 100% Cotton (both sides) Sateen Comforter Sizes: Super Single 68" x 104" Queen 80" x 104" California King 92" x 104" 7' Round 114" Round 8' Round 126" Round (Ships in 2-3 weeks)

Pillow Cases 500TC Waterbed
List Price: $79.95
On Sale$58.95

500 Thread Count 100% Cotton Waterbed Pillow Cases - Body Pillowcase Includes ONE case.

100% Polyester Quilted Mattress Pad Waterbed STYLE 8
List Price: $169.95
On Sale$149.95

100% Polyester Mattress Pad - Wood Frame Waterbed Compatible

  • Polyester Quilted (both sides)
  • 1Bonded Polyester Fill
  • Water Resistant
Plush 100%  Cotton Quilted Mattress Pad Waterbed STYLE 11
List Price: $219.95
On Sale$169.95

Plush Cotton Quilted Pad - Wood Frame Waterbed Compatible

  • 100% Cotton Quilted (both sides) 220 Thread Count
  • 10oz. Bonded Polyester Fill - Machine Quilted
  • Water Resistant
ThermoShield Mattress Pad Waterbed
List Price: $200.00
On Sale$170.00

Insulated Mattress Pad

  • Anchor Band Style
  • Improves the Efficiency of your Waterbed Heater.
  • Non-allergenic
  • Soft, Durable
  • Machine Washable
  • Made in U.S.A.
Pair of Pillow Case Protectors
List Price: $29.95
On Sale$19.50

These are premium 50% polyester, 50% cotton pillow protectors with a zipper closure. Snug fit design.