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Waterproof CottonGuard Pillow Covers - Pair

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Product ID LBGuard-P

Waterproof Pillow Covers - Pair

Poly Cotton Terrycloth finish (80% cotton, 20% polyester) for strong absorbency and a soft hand. Backed with a polyurethane laminate that makes it impervious to liquids, dust mites, and bed bugs, while still remaining gas-permeable to permit the fabric to breathe.

  • The CottonGuard fabric is completely noise-free, and extremely thin, yet 100% impervious to liquids.
  • It can be washed in any temperature (no bleach) and won't shrink in even the hottest dryer setting. It can be sterilized at up to 250 degrees F. This makes it remarkably easy to take care of, and with its strong fibers and stretchy backing, it is highly resistant to ripping. We offer a 5-year warrantee on our CottonGuard products.
  • Dust Mites are one of the most common allergens that trigger Asthma. They can live and breed
    in even the cleanest beds. The CottonGuard's micro-polymer membrane not only keeps these particles from touching your pillow, but provides a two-way barrier to the parasites themselves! A normal dryer cycle will kill any dust mites on your protective pad or pillow cover.
  • Snug fit design.