Low Watt Waterbed Heaters for Soft-Side Waterbed Mattresses

DO NOT use the heaters below on wood frame waterbeds.

» Heaters for Soft-Side Waterbeds
Calesco Low Watt Soft Side Waterbed Heater 170W
List Price: $99.95
On Sale$79.95

For Single Bladder or Tube Style Soft Side Waterbeds - A Full 5 Year Unconditional Warranty. Best In The Industry!

Thermal Guardian Digital Touch Low Watt Heater 120
List Price: $159.95
On Sale$139.95

Thermal Guardian Digital Solid Low-Watt (120W) Heater for soft side waterbed mattresses

Thermal Guardian Solid State Low Watt Heater 120W
On Sale$79.95

A sophisticated solid state heater for soft side waterbed mattresses